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About Me

Hi there

My name is Szakács Mátyási Botond. I was born in Tirgu Mures, Transylvania – Romania on the 19th of May 1980. Between ’86 and ’94 I have been one of the happy pupils of school No 3. I have earned a big part of my general knowledge in Bolyai Farkas high school, studying Maths and Physics.

After graduation I took a one-year “holiday”, then I started to study management, but I realized pretty soon that I was on the wrong track, so I started to concentrate on working and design.

The first program I tried my hands in was the well-known Paint. I was happy to explore the possibilities of this program and soon I discovered a Corel package. I had a hard time with it at the beginning, I had to reinstall the program several times, but thanks to my ambitions the time came, when I accepted the serious offer of building the graphics of a web site.

All this demanded a serious attitude and the learning of several programs as well as html and css.

Step by step things started to work out in accordance with my ambitions. Through the design of many web sites I developed working with style in design, I learned how to “keep or drop” different things, to conciliate graphics with search engine optimization. Now I am also familiar with Flash and I was happy to implement it in some of my recent designs.

Regarding my future… I long for big changes, new challenges. I trust in my knowledge, creativity and I hope to be able to “create” in the spirit of my motto, that is

creativity sells the design



- for ecommerce projects i am using PrestaShop: design and/or implementation. This takes BTW around 80% of my time.

- webdesigns: graphic presentation and cutting to xHTML plus adding JS if needed. Custom CMS implementation is possible.

- print related: huge banners, flyers, business cards, catalogs, posters etc.

- logo design: usually integrated into projects, but i accept this as standalone project also

- SEO: i have knowledge, so all pages built by me are SE friendly, but i don’t optimize

- any other: suprize me! :)


Freetime skillz :P – too many, bust mostly rock n’ roll related – dj, organizer, presenter, helper, dancer, drinker etc.